To educate, motivate and mobilize the youth of Pakistan”


Students Rights Wing-SRW is a non-partisan, non-profit organization working to develop common ground and promote national thinking through dialogue among various socio-political student groups in Pakistan. It was established in 2008. It was formed to enhance moral, financial and creative support for students in multiple ways. Initially, it was a local NGO but it evolved successfully in to a top institution of Pakistan within three years only.

SRW offers a cordial environment to students from different political parties, media organizations, civil society groups, academia and various other walks of life to sit together and find solutions to problems faced by the youth of Pakistan in a pluralistic manner. SRW believes that employing collective wisdom and not exclusive claims to righteousness and prudence, is a more suitable approach to provide leadership to the battered Pakistani nation.


  • To share concordant views of the collective wisdom of different schools of thought to empower students of our country;
  • To bring students organizations with opposing viewpoints closer together, and provide a cordial environment to them for resolving their issues arising out of ethnic, linguistic, sectarian and regional differences; and
  • To enable Pakistani youth to understand and perform their national responsibilities by providing them opportunities and an enabling environment.

SRW was initially a startup established and run by Mian Nairab Khurshid in his college days along with his friends. They laid the foundation of SRW in Vehari, a small district of central Punjab. This idea came up when he wrote an article titled “Students and Politics” published in Gunjeen-e-Nigarish, the college magazine. The diverse socio-political background of many founding members strengthen its roots. Dr. Hassan Iqbal, Ch Waqar Ahmad, Engr. Naveed Afzal, Rashid Ali Sheikh, Altaf Dhakku, Amir Balouch and Rao Ans Taj were its founding members. Mr. Khurshid remains engaged in a continuous struggle to develop a society based on social, political and economic justice. He believes in resolving conflicts through dialogue and finding common ground among different organizations.

Completed Projects

  1. Flood rehabilitation center for flood victims in southern Punjab in 2010.
  2. Organized medical camp under Blood 4 LIFE for flood victims at Kot Adu.
  3. Annual meeting for discussing future plans of SRW.
  4. Movement for replacing “Mr. Chips” from curriculum of Intermediate.
  5. Represented SRW at Nescom’12 at FAST Islamabad, Human Rights Day representation at QU and at 12th Young Leader Conference by SOL at Karachi.
  6. Sports events in District Vehari under Sports Zone headed by Naveed Afzal.
  7. Inter University Communication and student counselling.
  8. Collaboration with ChariTree for environmental projects and plantation of trees.




Creative Minds

Creative Minds (CM) are the creative brains of SRW who make the policies of SRW and help increase the creativity of students to flourish in the fields of:

  • Debating
  • Poetry
  • Dramas
  • Photography
  • Literary Club
  • Book Bank
  • Drawing and Sketching
  • Medical camps

The Knowledge Home

The Knowledge Home is a registered school in Vehari, which has been providing a quality education since 1997. TKH also helps to create new educational thoughts in students from childhood. Currently, TKH is about to launch a new training program: teaching English to the students of Government schools. Team of TKH @ SRW is also working on changing and rebuilding a uniform curriculum for all of our educational institutes.

Inter Universities Communication

Inter Universities Communication is a platform of SRW which unites students of different varsities. Students from different disciplines collaborate with each other in educational research, sports and other extra-curricular activities. IUC helps to build friendly relations among various universities and reunite the alumni of IUC.

Sports Zone

Sports Zone (S.Z) operates under the motto of All work and no play make jack a dull boy. Sports Zone has organized many cultural and sports events for students in the past few years. S.Z organizes sports tournaments in the following sports:

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Table-tennis and long tennis
  • Swimming
  • e-gaming tournaments


Blood 4 LIFE

Blood 4 Life was initially a blood donating society but, as many of our founding members excelled in the field of medicine, it was given the shape of “free medical aid camps” by our members in different districts.


How to participate or volunteer?

SRW welcomes all students across the country for this cause. If you want to be part of SRW, you can join us through our IUC department or by our membership program.


Contact us

Web: https://jurisplanet.org/students-rights-wing-srw/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/StudentsRightsWing

Email: srw@jurisplanet.org

Blog: editor@jurisplanet.org


Lahore office:

342-D, Punjab Employees Housing Scheme, Shakam Chok, Lahore.