JP Blog

Our blog focuses on:

  • Developing academic & research database, collection of books, research articles, national security archives, conference proceedings, seminar reports, policy briefs, concept notes and opinion
    articles etc
  • Disseminating knowledge & information management through a variety of available resources including print, electronic and other mediums, except when any contractual obligations require otherwise.
  • Enabling the researcher and scholars to produce articles, reports, studies and books
  • Introducing contemporary and emerging discourses on developments
  • Liaison building with reputable international scholars and institutions to project national and international perspectives on different security matters
  • Organizing roundtables, conferences, seminars, workshops
  • Providing strategic foresight through opinion articles from diverse circles of strategic community Supporting studies that foster independent research in line with the objectives of the Institute.

Law and other disciplines

JP develops a connection of LAW with following disciplines:

  • Medical Jurisprudence.
  •  Forensic Science.
  • Psychology.
  • Political Science.
  • International Law.
  • International Relations.

Internships at law colleges, law firms and at JurisPlanet