About Us

Who we are ?

  • Law graduates with fresh minds and innovative approaches
  • Mostly related to peripheral areas where voice is often not heard
  • Focus on the youth
  • Lawyers, accountants, IR experts, academicians etc.

Juris Planet is a platform that aims to highlight core causes which led to increase in social and political conflicts both local and worldwide.

JP aims to design and lead advocacy campaigns on a range of issues pertaining to Pakistani state, community and society.

Aims and Objectives

Juris Planet is a platform working on:

  • Introducing new standards by developing writing and research skills among undergrad law students.
  • Establishing a research platform for our lawyers and law students, where they can polish their skills by working along with renowned lawyers, academics and journalists.
  • Minimizing the gap between theoretical and practical law by introducing new technological methods. And connecting law with other disciplines to explore the field more creatively.

Our mission

Further, JP in affiliation with other important think tanks and academic institutions provides a unique opportunity for learning, experience sharing and capacity building for the researchers, scholars and policy makers. JP promotes research and analyses on domestic and international affairs of strategic importance by:

  • Developing academic & research database, collection of books, research articles, national security archives, conference proceedings, seminar reports, policy briefs, concept notes and opinion articles etc
  • Disseminating knowledge & information management through a variety of available resources including print, electronic and other mediums, except when any contractual obligations require otherwise.
  • Enabling the researcher and scholars to produce articles, reports, studies and books


Our team

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