The Dark & Lovely Narrative

A huge part of what constitutes the definition of beauty in the Indian Subcontinent is the fair skin colour. Hence...
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The Dark & Lovely Narrative

Torture: An Undefined Word In The Pakistani Legal System

Torture: An Undefined Word In The Pakistani Legal System    Article 1 of United Nations Convention Against Torture (CAT) defines torture in the following...
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Torture: An Undefined Word In The Pakistani Legal System

The Due Recognition of Constitution Day in Pakistan

Constitution Day of Pakistan has been celebrated since 2015. Former chairman Senate, Raza Rabbani, took this initiative to mark 10th of April...
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The Due Recognition of Constitution Day in Pakistan

Why U.S Constitutional Law?

“Why U.S Constitutional Law?” these were the first words that were asked by my students on my first day of teaching....
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Why U.S Constitutional Law?

Importance Of CPEC

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is partly a development scheme and partly strategic gambit. Although the Sino-Pakistani friendship has been...
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Importance Of CPEC

Student Politics: Who To Blame?

“Those who refuse to participate in politics are destined to be ruled by their inferiors.”~Plato Students are an integral part...
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Student Politics: Who To Blame?

Juris Planet is a platform that aims to highlight the core causes of contemporary social and political conflicts, both local and worldwide, and promote ideas for their peaceful and sustainable resolution.

Aims and Objectives

Juris Planet is a platform working on:

  1. Introducing new standards by developing writing and research skills among undergrad law students.
  2. Establishing a research platform for our lawyers and law students, where they can polish their skills by working along with renowned lawyers, academics and journalists.
  3. Minimizing the gap between theoretical and practical law by introducing new technological methods. Connecting law with other disciplines to explore the field more creatively.

This platform also encourages policy initiatives, reform processes, institutional responsiveness and substantial measures to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people. It also endeavors for institutional development, capacity building, good governance and human resource development.

Juris Planet aims to design and lead advocacy campaigns on a range of issues pertaining to Pakistani state, community and society.

Our mission

JP promotes research and analyses on domestic and international affairs of strategic importance by:

  • Developing academic & research database, collection of books, research articles, national security archives, conference proceedings, seminar reports, policy briefs, concept notes and opinion articles etc
  • Disseminating knowledge & information management through a variety of available resources including print, electronic and other mediums, except when any contractual obligations require otherwise.
  • Enabling the researcher and scholars to produce articles, reports, studies and books
  • Introducing contemporary and emerging discourses on developments

What We Do ?

Juris Planet is a platform working on :

  • Issues of fresh law graduates regarding finding  More


ChariTree – One Person, One Tree


The ChariTree Foundation – Pakistan is a people’s Environmental Education project by JurisPlanet.

The simple goal of The ChariTree Foundation – Pakistan is to give as many people as we can a tree of their own, in an effort to support environmental education for all.

We teach people how to plant a tree and help the planet by creating and supporting tree planting projects designed to benefit all living beings.It’s about teaching the importance of reforestation, sustainability and caring for something beyond ourselves all while giving people the opportunity to get outside and connect with nature.


Center for Peace and Reconciliation is an autonomous, multidisciplinary and non-partisan institution established in April 2017. It aims to highlight core causes which led to increase in social and political conflicts both local and worldwide. It focuses primarily on the rise of violent extremism and militancy in South Asia with a purpose to discern the possible recommendations to overcome it.

As a policy research Center and interactive forum, CPR aims to stimulate discussion, deliberation and debate on cross cutting issues which result in conflict and violence at national, regional and international level. Research studies and opinion papers, seminars and workshops, advocacy and consultancy are the major instruments employed by CPR to provide a framework for professional expertise, doctrinal wisdom and vision that is indispensable for decision-making and policy formulation. More Details

How to participate or volunteer?

One can volunteer his/her services to JP. We welcome students, academics, professionals, social activists across the country for this cause.

17 hours ago
Just1 TV

Climate is rapidly changing and we need right leaders and torchbears to manage the worse crisis, our future generations may face!

Sara Hayat, Advocate and Climate Change Activist, with Nida Usman ... See more

1 week ago
Rauf Klasra

Shame on PTI Govt in Punjab. Shame on Punjab police, political masters & Police boss. Shame on RYK hospital Doctor who cleared police in medical report. From Bhawalpur RPO, DPO RYK to Doc—all ... See more

2 weeks ago
Just1 TV

"Poetess is a Lawyer who always speak Truth"

Brilliant Adv.Waiza Rafique with Adv.Nargis Naheed Tariq in #Funaurwakeel #Just1TV

1 month ago
Khurshid Anwar Law Firm


Eid Greetings 🎊
Remember the people of #kashmir in your special prayers 🙏 Stay blessed!

2 months ago
Timeline Photos

Working on the upcoming event this week 🇵🇰

2 months ago
Lahore Education & Research Network - LEARN

Hum News coverage of last night's writers meet and greet as part of #RethinkingWriting initiative by LEARN and Olomopolo

3 months ago
Olomopolo Media

Team LEARN came to have a discussion session on sustainable and inclusive cities and communities at the OLO Junction.

3 months ago
How Is the Education System Broken?

Let us rethink as to what is being taught at schools to our children. Why do we have plenty of qualified graduates facing rejections from employers on account of poor life-skills?

Yes! ... See more

The education system here in the UK is deeply flawed. Despite many successes and gains over the last few centuries, people still find the social ladder diffi...

3 months ago
Syed Muhammad

The Outcome Document Committee for #68thUNCivilSocietyConference is holding its physical consultation session on 15th June 2019 [05:30 PM to 06:30 PM] at Olomopolo Media [43-A Block D, New Muslim ... See more

#UnitedNation is holding its 68th Civil Society Conference in August. I am honored to be a part of it as a member of the committee responsible for the Outcome Document.

In this regard we are holding ... See more

3 months ago
Law of sexual harassment in Pakistan: Lahore High Court’s historic judgment - Daily Times

Despite the fact that Pakistan legislated on sexual harassment of women at workplaces in 2010, and subsequently Punjab adopted this enactment in 2012, Balochistan in 2016, KPK in 2017 and Sindh in ... See more

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This episode of Program Crime Watch covered issues pertaining to acid violence, misuse of power by police authorities, threats to NAB officials, former CM Punjab's legal notice to Daily Mail UK and much more.

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@jehanzeb_abbasi reporting on our application concerning the functioning to the Supreme Judicial Council. We want TRANSPARENCY in accountability!

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